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A Letter To The Cambrian

Letter in Cambrian

The following letter appeared in The Cambrian on Friday 26th February 1886 and was a reply to the proposed reprieve of murderer Thomas Nash:

To the Editor,
I wonder did any of the good people who signed their names to the documents, which were in the lobbies of the chapels on Sunday, for the reprieve of Thomas Nash, think of what they were doing? Or was it that their feelings were rendered tender by the appeals of mercy, which was made by the pastors?
Do they remember on a dark, cold, stormy December night, this man (if he can be called a man), deliberately took his daughter by the arm and walked slowly to the bottom of the pier and there threw her into the foaming water beneath?
It is their duty to look deeply into this matter and say 'here is a man who murdered his child by throwing it into the sea. It was not in the moment of anger, but he seemed to have had the motive in his head as soon as the child was delivered into his care, and afterwards took her to the pier and drowned her'.
The people of Swansea must not be so good as to forgive everyone who commits a murder, or we shall be getting a very large number of murders here. They must think of justice; they must do justice to everyone. If a man commits a murder, let him hang for it, as a warning to others. I hope people will not think me very harsh, but justice ought to be done. Christian Wales and England must not be the scene of murders, all because she is forgiving.

I remain, yours &c,

A lover of justice

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