Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lines Under Sentence of Death

Lines for one under sentence of death:

My brother - sit and think,
while yet some hours on earth are left to thee;
Kneel to thy God, who does not
from thee shrink,
And lay thy sins on Christ, who died
for thee.
He rests His wounded hand
with loving kindness, on thy
sin-stained brow,
And says - "Here at thy side I ready
to make thy scarlet sins as white
as snow.
"I did not shed My blood
For sinless angels, good and pure
and true;
for hopeless sinners flowed that
crimson flood.
My heart's blood ran from you,
my son, for you.
"Though thou hast grieved me sore,
my arms of mercy still are open
I still hold open Heaven's shining
Come then - take refuge in My
wounded side.
"Men shun thee - but not I,
come closer to me - I love my erring
My blood can cleanse thy sins of
blackest dye,
I understand, if thou canst only
Words fail thee - never mind,
The Saviour can read e'en a sigh or
I came, sin-stricken heart, to heal
and bind,
And died to save thee - to My heart
thou'rt dear.
Come now - the time is short,
longing to pardon and to bless,
I wait;
Look up to Me, My sheep so dearly
And say, "forgive me, e'er it is too